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The Mocs Jump On Board the TapNPay+ Train!

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has officially joined the #FutureOfFunding! The Mocs are partnering with TapNPay+ to bring their next-gen funding solution to the entire UTC community. As UTC’s official funding and mobile pay partner, TapNPay+ will allow fans and alumni to download their exclusive mobile pay app. This technology provides users with the ability to earn instant cashback on purchases in-store or online at over 300 big box brands all across the country. More money in your pocket sounds great, but that’s not even the best part about TapNPay+! After Mocs fans earn their cashback, TapNPay+’s merchant partners will also match that price with a direct donation back to UTC Athletics. So everyone involved prospers! Simply, Tap, Pay, Earn and Support the Mocs everyday! More About TapNPay+ TapNPay+ is designed to disrupt the traditional fundraising industry by presenting a mutually rewarding experience for users and their cause. The TapNPay+ mobile payment technology provides users with instant cashback upon every purchase in store or online, and generates a direct donation to the organization they wish to support. TapNPay+ has over 270 national partners across a wide range of industries such as retail, restaurants, travel, entertainment and more. TapNPay+’s goal is to create a purchasing process for users to simply Tap, Pay and Go, while earning instant cashback and directly providing funds to the organization of their choosing. To learn more about how TapNPlay could assist in your organization’s funding efforts, please visit More About the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is a special university in an extraordinary location, building community and pursuing excellence in the nation’s best midsize city. Our faculty and students engage in impactful research and teaching and intentional community engagement. Our vibrant campus, minutes from the heart of downtown and within sight of the southeast’s most captivating outdoor recreation is the perfect place to engage the world.To learn more about UTC, please visit

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