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Moon Area School District has Joined the Future of Funding!

TapNPay+ is excited to announce their brand new partnership with Moon Area School District. Now, members of the Moon community can exclusively download the TapNPay+ mobile pay app to earn instant cash back while supporting their beloved Tigers!

TapNPay+ is a Pittsburgh-based tech company devoted to creating a mutually beneficial experience for consumers and their organizational partners. TapNPay+’s mobile pay app harnesses the buying power of supporters in order to generate passive revenue and enhance funding efforts.

Members of the Moon community can now download and use TapNPay+ to pay for purchases in-store or online at any one of their 270+ national brand partners which feature businesses in retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel and more. When Tiger fans make a purchase using the app, they will then earn cashback instantly to use however they’d like and TapNPay+ will then also provide a direct donation back to Moon Area School District. Simply Tap, Pay, and Go on your way earning cashback and supporting the Tigers.

Ron Ledbetter, Moon Area’s Athletic Director stated, “I personally am a huge fan of what TapNPay+ is doing, and I feel confident that our community will feel the same way. We are very excited about the future of this school district and TapNPay+’s efforts will assist us in providing support for our student athletes that go above and beyond the ordinary. We really can’t wait to kick off our campaign!”

TapNPay+’s EVP of Youth Sports Partnerships, Greg Caprara, said, “Having worked as an Athletic Director in the WPIAL myself, I know a difference maker when it comes to funding support and engaging the district when I see one. This is the exact reason I was so eager to get involved with TapNPay+. As Ron describes in his quote above, our mobile app is an extremely unique and productive tool that can make a major positive impact for any school district’s funding efforts. We could not be more thrilled to welcome Moon as one of our official partners.

More About Moon Area School District

Moon Area School District (MASD) is situated in Allegheny County and educates almost 3,900 students from Moon and Crescent Townships, who attend classes in seven buildings, including one high school, one middle school, and five elementary buildings, each containing specially designed spaces for twenty-first century learning.

The District covers an approximate 26-square mile attendance area and is located 15 miles from Pittsburgh and minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport. Moon Area School District offers a 30-acre secondary campus which utilizes modern technologies to foster student learning and support program development. The campus showcases spectacular athletic fields and courts, modern auditoriums, and unmatched amenities for students, staff, and community members.

To learn more about Moon, please visit

More About TapNPay+

TapNPay+ is designed to disrupt the traditional fundraising industry by presenting a mutually rewarding experience for users and their cause. The TapNPay+ mobile payment technology provides users with instant cashback upon every purchase in store or online, and generates a direct donation to the organization they wish to support.

TapNPay+ has over 270 national partners across a wide range of industries such as retail, restaurants, travel, entertainment and more. TapNPay+’s goal is to create a purchasing process for users to simply Tap, Pay and Go, while earning instant cashback and directly providing funds to the organization of their choosing. To learn more about how TapNPay+ could assist in your organization’s funding efforts, please visit

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