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Partnering with Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

To give back to the Pittsburgh community where both TapNPay+ and the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber have grown their roots, these two organizations are partnering in order to provide daily funding for the annual PNRC local high school scholarship program. This partnership will provide Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber members with the opportunity to download the exclusive TapNPay+ Mobile Pay App. TapNPay+ is partnered with over 270 of the biggest brands in retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel and more. When TapNPay+ users make purchases in store or online at any one of these 270+ merchant partners, they will be able to earn cash back instantly to use as they see fit. While the technology offers users a rewarding experience on purchases they are already making each and every day, TapPay+ will also generate a direct donation to the cause/organization of the user’s choosing.

The Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber members will be able to reap the benefits of instant cash back while also providing funds directly to the chamber via a TapNPay+ direct donation. Jim Boltz, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chambers said, “Our local high school scholarship program is an initiative that we pride ourselves in as a chamber, and we want to continue to expand our efforts in this regard well into the future. By partnering with TapNPay+, we will be able to acquire a consistent flow of funding that we can allocate solely to this effort. It’s a bonus that anyone who downloads the app can generate funds for themselves, but being able to add passive revenue to our scholarship fund effort is a blessing for us and all of our potential scholarship awardees!”

Kim Berringer, EVP of Nonprofit Partnerships at TapNPay+ also said, “This partnership is extremely meaningful to our team at TapNPay+. Not only will we be able to give back to the Pittsburgh community, but specifically we will be able to assist local high school seniors in the opportunity to further their education. Given the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, providing funding assistance is really needed now more than ever before. We are proud to have the opportunity to directly drive revenue to the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber and its members.”

More About Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

The Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber, formerly known as THE CHAMBER of Commerce, Inc. was established on January 1, 2010 as a newly merged organization of the Cranberry Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Allegheny County Chamber of Commerce. Our membership consists of 1,100 businesses and organizations who employ nearly 24,000 employees. The footprint of The Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce covers three counties, Allegheny, Beaver and Butler and 16 municipalities. Our membership ranges from sole proprietors to large corporations, nonprofit organizations and individuals who are interested in supporting our business community.

More About TapNPay+

TapNPay+ is designed to disrupt the traditional fundraising industry by presenting a mutually rewarding experience for users and their cause. The TapNPay+ mobile payment technology provides users with instant cashback upon every purchase in store or online, and generates a direct donation to the organization they wish to support. TapNPay+ has over 270 national partners across a wide range of industries such as retail, restaurants, travel, entertainment and more. TapNPay+’s goal is to create a purchasing process for users to simply Tap, Pay and Go, while earning instant cashback and directly providing funds to the organization of their choosing. To learn more about how TapNPlay could assist in your organization’s funding efforts, please visit

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