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Welcome Delaware Youth Soccer Association!

Delaware Youth Soccer Association and TapNPay+ are proudly partnering to bolster the funding efforts for youth soccer leagues, families and fans across the entire state of Delaware!

TapNPay+ is a digital payment mobile app that offers its users and organizational partners with a mutually beneficial experience. The app is an exclusive platform that DYSA supporters will now be able to utilize. TapNPay+ allows users to make purchases in-store or online at any one of their 270+ national brand partners which feature businesses in retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel and more. When DYSA supporters make purchases using the app, they will then earn cashback instantly to use however they’d like, and TapNPay+ will then also provide a direct donation to Delaware Youth Soccer Association. This next-gen technology offers users a way to put more money in their pocket while also generating passive revenue to assist DYSA’s funding efforts!

Laura Sturdivant, Executive Director of Delaware Youth Soccer Association said, “At DYSA we are committed to bringing the best possible experience to our youth players and their families across the state of Delaware. The current times have brought on many hardships, but this partnership with TapNPay+ will not just help us survive, but thrive. Their technology will be able to reward our valued families with additional cashback, and will act as a main contributor to our organization’s funding efforts well into the future!”

TapNPay+’s EVP of Youth Sports Partnerships, Greg Caprara, stated, “Our team at TapNPay+ is thrilled to be working with an innovative organization like DYSA. Obviously it is no secret that what is going on in the world around us has taken a major toll on youth sports across the country. We strive to work as hard as we possibly can to keep the kids on the field, and at the end of the day that all comes down to funding. Laura and her team at DYSA fully understand our mission, and that’s creating a true Win-Win funding experience for organizations and their valued supporters. We couldn’t be more excited to bring those benefits to Delaware Youth Soccer.”

More About TapNPay+

TapNPay+ is designed to disrupt the traditional fundraising industry by presenting a mutually rewarding experience for users and their cause. The TapNPay+ mobile payment technology provides users with instant cashback upon every purchase in store or online, and generates a direct donation to the organization they wish to support. TapNPay+ has over 270 national partners across a wide range of industries such as retail, restaurants, travel, entertainment and more. TapNPay+’s goal is to create a purchasing process for users to simply Tap, Pay and Go, while earning instant cashback and directly providing funds to the organization of their choosing. To learn more about how TapNPay+ could assist in your organization’s funding efforts, please visit

More About Delaware Youth Soccer Association

The Delaware Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (DYSA), is an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and United States Youth Soccer (USYS). It is also subject to the authority of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

The mission of Delaware Youth Soccer Association is to promote and facilitate the game of soccer for all youth at all levels of play in Delaware.

The ultimate vision of our Association is to be the best youth sports organization through the provision of services, education and opportunities to the youth of Delaware. Delaware Youth Soccer Association seeks to work with integrity, cooperation, fairness, accountability, professionalism, collaboration, innovation, passion and excellence in all of our actions. To learn more about Delaware Youth Soccer Association, please visit

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